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Why Financial Coaching Is Powerful

Personal finance can be a mystifying topic, and people often have many questions when seeking to improve their financial future. Some of the most common include which debt to pay off, how much to save, and what types of investments they should select.

Some individuals find it easy to read a book or blog post and implement the recommended advice contained within. Others, meanwhile, need someone who can help them understand their situation or need an accountability partner. This second group of people can benefit from working with a financial coach.

What is a financial coach?

A financial coach is not just a professional, but a personalized guide who delves into your current financial situation, understands your goals, and anticipates your future needs. They then provide tailored guidance, advice, and accountability to help you reach your financial aspirations.

Why is financial coaching so powerful?

Financial coaches are powerful because they help you learn on your own terms and think outside the box with tailored recommendations for your situation. 

Rather than relying on generic advice one might read or listen to on a podcast, coaches can help you develop a plan that can assist you in achieving your dreams. They also provide accountability through regular check-ins, ensuring you implement the necessary changes while modifying your plan when life unexpectedly veers you off course.

Lundeen Abrams Advisors will soon provide financial coaching

We are excited to announce that Lundeen Abrams Advisors will soon begin providing financial coaching that is accessible to those who may not yet be ready to retain a financial advisor but still want professional guidance.

Everyone has the right to improve their financial status, and if you need a coach to help get you on track to reach your financial aspirations, we are here to help.

Whether it is helping you negotiate a pay raise or evaluate which debts to pay off/if consolidation makes more sense, our upcoming coaching service will be tailored to your needs.

To be the first to know when our coaching service is available, please sign up for our email newsletter using the email signup option below!


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