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Life is a journey covering various stages of progression, spanning the spectrum of the happiest and saddest times. We at Lundeen Abrams Advisors focus on serving independent women at each phase.

For those just earning their degree, we are here to help you craft an investment plan to help you take risks and save while paying off debt. Then, when you are ready to depart jobs, we will guide you through the process of evaluating what to do with your employer retirement plan.

If divorce arises in your life, you can count on us in your corner to help you through this process, which we have experience navigating. Similarly, suppose you have kids that have gone off to college or left the house. In that case, we have helped clients downsize to find a more manageable home while freeing up equity to redeploy for retirement income later in life.

Once retirement nears, we can help you navigate the deal process of selling your business so that you can create the retirement you have earned. Investing a large sum of money is nerve-racking, but we are here to coach you through the process as we partner in finding the right solution, whether simple or complex.

We take pride in providing more than investment and insurance solutions. We also offer complete turnkey service in helping you partner with the professionals needed to progress through your life. That includes helping you navigate the disability process should an ailment or injury arise.

Lastly, we can help you through the planning process around death. While passing on is uncomfortable to ponder, we have helped many clients create legacies. Whether creating an estate plan or finding an end-of-life facility to help you transition, we are here to help.

These six "Ds," which encompass degrees, departure, divorce, downsizing, deals, disability, and death, are phases of life. We look forward to helping you create and live the life you want through sound financial planning and service that goes beyond the ordinary.

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