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An update on Gary Lundeen

My dad has been at the VA Hospital since January 9th

I've let a few of you know about his health updates but I've decided to post this blog to not only let you know how he's doing but to share what I believe is so special about my dad.

I just started reading a new book last night called "Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big", by Bo Burlingham.

The book highlights the traits of small businesses whose leaders have a passion for what they do and push the boundaries of how well it can be done. That, in a nutshell, is and was the key to my father's success.

Gary Lundeen's pursuit of excellence in business and in life is his claim to fame and many of my business friends and clients know my father well. He served as a trusted advisor to many and I had the particularly good fortune to be mentored by him and the great advantage to be partnered with him in business. Athough he's retired now, my hope is to continue to carry on the soul of my dad's business, Gary Lundeen Company, in my business: Lundeen Abrams Advisors.

Now for the update...

Dad went in for some skin cancer treatment the morning of January 9th and although he has been a "frequent flyer" at the VA for his Lymphoma treatment (lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma, to be precise), we didn't foresee this extended stay. He told the doctor he'd been having some chest pains over his holiday travels and they immediately ordered tests which revealed major blockage to his heart. He had emergency open heart surgery and a successful quadruple bypass the following day.

Your positive thoughts and prayers through this intense experience have been greatly appreciated. My mom has been by dad's side practically 24/7, giving him all the support he needs. He has received incredible skilled care from the staff at the VA and he has been impressed by them from day one.

At this time, he has taken two steps forward and one step back --- as he was readmitted to the ICU yesterday in response to "cardiac events" they are now working to monitor and regulate.

Please keep him and my mother in your thoughts and I'll send any messages you have on to him. He was hoping to be discharged to rehab today so it's agonizing for him to be hooked back up and his progress seemingly stalled out for now.

"Courage is not having the strength to go on; it is going on when you don't have the strength."

-Theodore Roosevelt

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