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What's it all about, Alfie?

Autumn is a special season in Minnesota where time seems fleeting as warm summer days get shorter and the winds of change bring in cooler air, coloring in the surrounding landscape with enchanting hues.

It's a busy season, with back-to-school activities and the age-old traditions of harvesting and celebrating while preparing for the winter to come. Our schedules are so full, especially since it may be the last chance to have Covid-safe gatherings outdoors!

Even now, when I'm preoccupied with a million things in my daily life, I try to take time to slow down and notice the joy of the natural world around me. It is surreal as I see my kids getting bigger and more mature with each passing day. I'm not great at keeping a journal, so I don't do much writing. However, composing our ideas and documenting our unique perspectives can help illuminate and solve the biggest decisions in life. So, taking time for reflection is essential.

Financial planning is a personal journey that differs for everyone, and helping clients make sound financial decisions requires a thoughtful conversation about the "why" of it all. Once you understand your own "why" and the meaning of your life's purpose, you can make bold money and life decisions. After all, understanding your "why" empowers you to take big risks that give the most significant growth potential.

However, I frequently notice that many people need more time to self-discover and understand which direction they want to go with their "why." But, staying static in financial matters often stems from a lack of clarity. For these reasons, I became interested in helping people write their own ETHICAL WILL.

Thus, running my Legacy Letters Workshop is something I do to give people the space to ponder what they truly value and what they wish to accomplish most in life. We spend time writing and discussing our personal life stories, the lessons we've learned, and what we want to pass on to our loved ones.

Although it is common to write these things down near the end of our lives to share with our loved ones, it's impactful to write your ethical will now. By getting it down on paper before it is too late, you ensure a gift for your loved ones while also gifting yourself greater life clarity on what's most important, enabling you to live with greater intention.


So, join me for my Legacy Letters Workshop this October at my office. We have multiple spaces for private writing time while also ensuring Covid-safety. For those unable to come in, I will also share the workshop on Zoom so that you can participate virtually.

But, sign up soon, as space will be limited!

"We all want to be remembered, and everyone leaves something behind." -Seniab.


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