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LAA Holiday Spending Tips

The holiday season is in full swing, which means the cold is here and accompanied by beautiful decorative lights and pomp seasonal decorations. Whether it is a drive around your neighborhood, local seasonal attractions, or even a trip to the mall, you can feel the holiday splendor.

During this particular time of the year, we wind down from our usual schedules to focus on quality time with family and friends. While this period is notable for various emotional and religious reasons, there is always the pressure to become a spendthrift with the annual gift-giving that commences.

If you are anything like me, you want to ensure you spread the holiday cheer while managing your spending to reasonable levels. Thus, here are some simple ideas for those who still need to finish their holiday shopping.

Take someone out

Instead of the usual gift giving where presents often end up as a hit or miss, consider gifting someone close to you a meal or experience out on the town with you. Not only do you ensure they like the gift, but you can also make new memories with them.

For some, a date out could include dining at a local restaurant of the recipient's choice. For others, the get-together could consist of a concert, sporting event, or visit to a park.

The endless possibilities for experiential gifts provoke a more meaningful interaction and generate less waste than a physical alternative.

White elephant for groups

If you have a get-together planned with a large group of friends or family, one creative idea have seen abound online and done in real life is partaking in a white elephant gift exchange.

For those unfamiliar, white elephant gift exchanges involve every person bringing one low-cost gift to a celebration. Then, everyone partakes in a friendly opening and trading/swapping event that can become competitive yet amusing.

Since the gifts are all set below a pre-determined threshold and random, the game is fun, exciting, and encourages less waste.

Call someone you care about

The holidays are about celebrating traditions, relationships, and spiritual events. While gifts are nice, calling someone and catching up with them by phone if they are afar is undoubtedly more appreciated. So, this holiday season, spread the cheerful spirit and call up a friend or relative you haven't spoken to recently.

It is okay to give gifts and spend money

While these ideas are meant to inspire creative thoughts for the holidays, it is essential to remember that spending money you already have is okay during the holidays. If you enjoy gifting others presents and can afford to, by all means, do so! However, for those looking to be more deliberate with their gifts and uncertainty reigns, try these creative ideas to spread the cheer while also being financially savvy.

We will talk again soon, but until then, have a great day and a wonderful holiday season from all of us at Lundeen Abrams Advisors!

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