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Do You Need A Financial Advisor?

Financial advisors are often seen on television and in magazine advertisements as people who can help you to achieve your financial goals. But, how do you determine if you should hire an advisor? The answer lies in your situation and unique needs.

Advisors serve an array of unique individuals, working with those who need help managing their money, creating and maintaining retirement plans, building custom portfolios, and providing turnkey solutions.

For the first group, financial advisors help them manage their money. While the reasons can vary, some people don't have the time, desire, or knowledge to maintain their investments.

The next group of individuals are seeking advice as they near retirement. To these folks, advisors help demystify and remove the uncertainty around if and when they can retire. Some will retain that advisor to help manage their money through retirement, while others will pay a fee to prepare the retirement plan. Regardless of which route a client takes, it should align with their needs.

Third, but certainly no less important, are people who wish to have a custom portfolio built and maintained. Such portfolios often can be constructed to utilize options strategies, commodities, derivatives, traditional securities, and alternative assets. And sometimes, such investments are not available to the general public. Hence, why an advisor is sought out.

Lastly, the final group will retain an advisor when a turnkey solution is desired. Why?

Because they want someone to handle the day-to-day activities of managing their money, and they are willing to pay for this service. Further, they want to be able to call someone whenever they have questions and be treated with white glove level service.

So, if any of these groups sound like you, maybe it is time to hire a financial advisor. At Lundeen Abrams Advisors, our mission is to help you take control of your finances and be here to help whenever required. We would love to talk to you about your specialized needs, so please call us to schedule a consultation to determine if a relationship with us is right for you.

Talk to you soon!

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