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Caregiving Is An Essential Part Of Financial Planning

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

National Caregiving Month

The first snow has come to pass in Colorado and Northern Minnesota, and the remaining leaves on the trees are dwindling. Change remains the only constant amid the bustle of life, and I am always so reminded of this during the passing seasons. During these transitionary phases, I reflect on life and ponder about the future.

Given our current focus on estate planning for clients, the changing seasons should indicate that it is time to pause and look up from our busy lives, especially given the busiest time of the year is nearly here.

So before the holiday season kicks off, we want to acknowledge that November is National Caregivers Month and that planning for how you wish to receive care later in life is a critical part of estate planning.

Before we dive into today's blog post, it is important to acknowledge and thank those who have become caregivers.

Caregiving is not easy and can become a full-time job that is physically and emotionally demanding; be sure to honor these individuals and show gratitude for their service.

Caregiving, LTC, & Deciding How to Live

It is always easier to punt critical decision-making down the road and say I will address this later in life. Still, it is prudent to stop occasionally to ensure preparedness for the unexpected.

We do not always transition smoothly from one phase of our lives to the next, and this is where caregiving comes into the discussion.

Caregiving is a monumental task and involves helping someone once they can no longer complete daily tasks on their own. While some people have family that can help them as they age, many will need assistance from professionals who can make this phase of our lives easier.

Planning for how you want to receive care is an often overlooked aspect of estate planning that focuses on how you want to live, not just how you want to be remembered. Hence, it is necessary to determine whether or not you have a plan, such as long-term care insurance or family, to help you spend your final years in your own home.

Stop & Review

So, as the season passes, take the time out of your schedule to enjoy the foliage and changing landscapes. Then, once you have found some peace from the hustle and bustle, take the time to think about your future and how you want to live it.

If you need a plan for how you want to spend the later years of your life, now is the time to act. And, for those who already have one, it always helps to review it to ensure things are still proper since life is constantly changing.

Here at Lundeen Abrams Advisors, we focus on holistic planning for each phase of your life and are here to help. If you want help creating a plan or reviewing one already in place, please reach out to us and set up a time to talk today before the holidays encapsulate your time.

Talk to you soon!

Lundeen Abrams Team

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