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Blaine Christian

Blaine lives in beautiful Colorado, but his Minnesota roots run deep. While he was born and raised in Colorado, his family is from Hayfield, MN and Benson, MN and he has a lot in common with his cousin, Suzanne. 

Blaine shares the same values and philosophy about life and wealth management as imbued in the Lundeen Abrams brand: that life is a journey, not a destination and being prepared for the road ahead pays dividends when you can truly enjoy yourself along the way.

Suzanne and Blaine's similar outlook in the business of helping people map out their financial path is due to the fact that Blaine learned a lot about finance from his mother, a successful CPA, just as Suzanne did from her father, a CPA, as well. Perhaps it was a bit of kismet that their paths aligned for them to work together in business.  

Blaine describes his career path like this:

"As the son of a retired accountant, taxes and investing were always topics at the dinner table. Eventually, I found my way into the world of finance at one of the big advisory firms. As an advisor, I specialized in consulting on Defined Contribution retirement plans and helping people optimize their company benefits, such HSAs, Pensions, and RSUs".

Blaine's role as a Financial Advisor & Educational Consultant at Lundeen Abrams Advisors gives him the opportunity to use his unique skillset and passion to help clients understand their financial strategy and plan their life with confidence.