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Suzanne Abrams

Suzanne Abrams


Suzanne Lundeen Abrams has been helping clients take strides in their financial lives since 2005. She enjoys proactively planning so that life's surprises don't knock her clients off course.  

Suzanne balances her entrepreneurial side by channeling her inner domestic goddess at home.

She loves art of any kind and enjoys playing her violin, gardening, cooking and reading. There's inevitably a stack of newspapers and New Yorkers she's always working her way through. 

Her husband is a nurse at a local hospital and her two sons are violinists and active athletes.

Entrepreneurship runs in the Lundeen (and Abrams) family. Suzanne learned the basic tenets of ethical business management through her father, Gary Lundeen. Gary Lundeen Company was a successful accounting firm for 40 years and Gary mentored and also partnered with her in the investment management business until his retirement in 2013.