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The Timmys & the Kimmys & the Poindexters

When my kids went to summer camp, Josh and I suddenly had something known as "free-time". WOW - what a concept!

Since we both work and the to-do-list at home is always long, it was not ALL fun and games but we were able to kick up our heels a little bit and enjoy ourselves.

Now, my husband, Josh, is and has always been a voracious reader and collector of books as well as comics and graphic novels.

He's also on eBay pretty regularly to check out what things are going for. He's been selling off a few comics (and books) here and there all summer because the prices have been hitting record levels.

Spider-Man's first comic sold for $3.6 Million this week which is the highest price fetched by a comic book since Action Comics #1 (1938 legendary first appearance of Superman) sold for $3,250,000 earlier this year.

Now you are probably wondering about my blog title. It's catchy, right? Well, it is one of the reasons I became a fan of Shawn Surmick and his YouTube channel: Reserved Investments. Reserved Investments breaks through the hype-driven speculative nature of the antiques and collectibles trade of today, and provides critical thinking and understanding about how these markets operate.

The collectibles market trends really piqued my interest because I've been focusing on building portfolios to hedge against inflation.

Real assets, meaning things you can touch and feel - real estate, infrastructure, precious metals, natural resources, commodities - have historically done well in times of rising prices.

We are experiencing inflation now and the debate continues on about whether it is a temporary or long-lasting trend.

So you see, my fascination with collectibles hinges on my interest in inflation-fighting investments. See my previous blog on this subject.

Because of my new status of fandom for his channel, I reached out to Shawn Surmick, and we had a fun, educational conversation about the collectibles market.

He coined the phrase, "the Timmys, the Kimmys and the Poindexters" to describe the groups of people who don't know better than to pay high prices for items and folks who don't really know how the market works but they are following the trends. It certainly reminds me of what's been happening in stocks lately with the increasing popularity of Robin Hood and Coinbase and meme stocks reaching obscenely high prices.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the interview in your free time!

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