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2023 Is Here, And So Are Opportunities

The New Year is in full swing here at Lundeen Abrams Advisors. While it has been a few weeks since our last blog post, we have been restructuring client portfolios, discussing tax strategies and changes to retirement accounts for 2023, and evaluating the benefits and drawbacks of real estate opportunities.

Traditionally, bonds have been a bedrock for stability in investor portfolios, but 2022 turned that notion upside down for countless retirees. While many factors have contributed to the drop in bond values, the most prominent cause stems from inflation and the Federal Reserve's attempts to rein it in by deploying ever-rising interest rates.

To counteract the rising rate risk, we have begun to redeploy some portfolios into bond ladders to better insulate clients from risks that otherwise abound in fixed-income mutual funds and ETFs.

Elsewhere, we have also begun reviewing changes to retirement accounts for 2023 due to the SECURE Act 2.0, such as the new RMD age, and by evaluating new tax-saving strategies with clients that can benefit.

One asset class that we love discussing with clients in real estate. While the past several years have set records for home sale prices, values are now wavering due to interest rates, similar to bonds.

However, while real estate values are top of mind, other considerations, such as scope creep, must be considered when evaluating physical real estate deals.

We look forward to sharing more details on these subjects in the coming weeks on our blog, so stay tuned!

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