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Legacy Planning

Our legacy is about much more than our finances. It includes our purpose, values, worldview, character and skills.

Have you considered:

  • What kind of impact you wish to have?
  • What you want your children/grandchildren/family/community to remember
    or know about you and your life?
  • What traditions you hope to pass on?

In the same way procrastination gets in the way of moving
financial planning forward, our fast-paced lives make it difficult for us to mindfully craft our personal legacy. As a certified LegacyNavigator®, Suzanne helps people write a personal message to their loved ones in an Ethical Will or Legacy Letter.


Join Suzanne for a Legacy Workshop with Tim Gibson, President of Building Legacies International, or set aside time for one-on-one coaching to define your life’s purpose and ensure your loved ones inherit much more than your material wealth. There’s no time like the present for planning, investing, and sharing your story.

*LegacyNavigator® Registered trademarks provided with permission through the licensing agreement with Celebrations of Life Services Inc.