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| September 06, 2016
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Today I met with an old friend from Arts High, Claire (Davis) DeBerg. We haven't seen each other for 19 years!

She runs a writing agency called Cicada and as I showed her the draft of my new website, she encouraged me to JUST LAUNCH IT already.  

As with all things we create, we tend to be our own worst critic. Although I still wish to change a few things on the site, Claire reminded me that it's always possible to edit and change a website. It's a medium that allows for updates as often as we wish to make them.  

As I counsel and encourage clients to make incremental changes in their lives to move toward their financial and life goals, it's important to recognize that we'll never be at a totally perfect stage of life either. Life is a "work in progress." We're always seeking to improve and update.

As we make progress toward our goals, we sometimes make mistakes. This is a natural process and it's important to recognize that even if it's not a Gold Medal level achievement, actively pursuing excellence is better than giving up. 

Moving forward entails taking one step at a time. Whether I coach you to put $5,000 into a Roth IRA or help you to finally move forward in setting up Trusts and a Will with a trusted attorney, I hope to serve everyone who comes into my office so that they feel a sense of relief and calm as they've moved one step closer toward their "perfection."    


The complexity of life can trap us into an overwhelmed state of inaction.  

I taught my son an important yet simple lesson at bedtime last night after a talk about college savings. It ended with this simple question and answer:

ME: "How do you get rich?"  

ARLO: "You save your money!"  

I encourage you to DREAM BIG and never let fear or complexity keep you from moving toward your dreams one step at a time.

Thanks, Claire, for the Nike-like inspiration to "Just Do It." 


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