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Don’t Just Buy a Gift…Be a Gift

| December 15, 2016
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The familiar sights and sounds of December bring sentimental thoughts of holidays.  It’s a time to unwrap cherished memories and reminisce with our loved ones.

At my house, the boxes from Amazon and Shutterfly pile up on the front step and the holiday cards arrive in the mailbox. The sometimes rudimentary, sometimes wittily epic holiday letters detail the year’s highlights of our friends and family near and far.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you through one more year of milestones. Some of these moments were planned, and others sadly not. I am grateful to celebrate with you in times of birth and growth as you enter new chapters of life and grieve with you in your times of loss. 

As I look back at 2016, I recognize that my business expansion is thanks to your generous referrals. It is an advisor’s dream to serve multiple generations within a family and we’ve welcomed your parents, children as well as siblings this year.  It’s often said that a referral is the best compliment so: Thank you very much! 

Here are a few of our other highlights of 2016:

Marketing + Brand Development

  1.  DIGITAL PRESENCE | Website. Facebook. Twitter. YouTube.    

Ahhh, yes, you can find Lundeen Abrams in all of the above locations. ‘Tis the place to be in the new digital era. It was no small feat to launch our digital presence. Please check us out and let us know what you think. 


Our expertise is money management and strategic financial planning, however, we’ve noticed women face a different set of financial challenges than men and it has become a passion of ours to serve women and their unique needs.     

We love our clientele and yes, we know – you may not identify as an Independent Woman! That’s ok. You may have a mother, daughter, sister or friend who does. We aim to be the investment and financial planning boutique firm they can count on when needing trusted advice.     


The development of our Legacy Planning program stems from our desire to really understand our clients’ goals and dreams in-depth. The definition of wealth varies by the individual and, likewise, so do the intentions of one’s planning. Digging in to the “why” (in Simon Sinek language) helps us direct the “how” and the “what” and the “when.” 

Going through the process of writing an Ethical Will illuminates what you wish to pass on. Our time on this earth: finite. Our impact on this earth: infinite. Our legacy is about much more than our finances. It includes our purpose, values, worldview, character and skills.

Be A Gift to the World

The highlight of my year was traveling to Korea and Taiwan for the first time. As the President of the Rotary Club of Hopkins, I was invited to attend the Rotary International Convention. This year the whole Rotary World convened in Seoul, Korea. Rotary International President Ravindran’s theme left a lasting mark on me: “Be a Gift to the World!” 

When buying gifts this year, consider the powerful legacy of your own life.  How have you been and how can you continue to be a gift to the world?    

Yours in Service,

Suzanne Lundeen Abrams

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